The Hartland Town Band plays for the Chapel Fete, 2011

We were cramped up in the corner here, we usually play outside.
Chapel fete 2011 2
Altogether now!
chapel fete 2011 3
Oh my, that should have been an E flat!

The first year with new uniforms

HTB 1962
Instruments rounded up, committee formed and now new uniforms

July 2011
Mike, Trudy, Teresa and Alan July, 2011
Hartland Carnival


Performance at the Hartland Quay on 12 August, 2012 - our last Quay concert this year

From Jimmy's collection  Unknown date
From Jimmy's collection  Unknown Date



Kevin Surgeon  10 May 16:20

From the left looks like Percy Pengilly, Bil Prouse, Cyril Walter, Chris Westlake, Dave Pennington,Ivor Jeffery, Peter Vanstone, ? Lew (Curly) Dayman, Ivor Rowe, ? Henry Conibear, Harry Dayman, John Jeffery, Wilf Pennington, Terry Stowell, Brian Meaker, Taffy Davies, Gordon Redclift, Kevin Surgeon, Jimmy Connibear