Hartland Town Band

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Welcome to the Hartland Town Band 

Band at the Hartland Quay

We are a community

band from Hartland,

Devon UK

Our town band just simply could not function without the concern and care given to supporting us from our local volunteers. These volunteers come from various backgrounds and interests. Some are band members, some are band member parents, some are band member relatives and many are just friends of the band who attend our concerts and events and lend a willing hand because they appreciate what we do and that we are always ready to consider a request from a local organisation. We cannot always accommodate but we certainly try.

What do our volunteers do?  A lot!

For instance, we serve refreshments at the intervals our concerts. Volunteers work behind the scenes preparing food and drink in the kitchen, serving , washing up and putting away.  In addition, someone has to plan ahead, buy in the supplies, and get them to the Parish Hall.  The band needs the portable stage set up when we play in the Parish Hall.  From four to six people are needed to set up the stage and place the chairs. At some concerts, we put up tables and chairs in addition to the stage.  Of course, after the performances, the stage has to be dismantled, put away and the chairs stacked in the storeroom.  So as not to bore you with more details, volunteers are needed to help with the band bingo, the pasty and pudding night, the band sale and several other functions.

Our band is governed by a band committee that meets around four or five times a year. There are four sitting officers.  The chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary. These are voluntary positions open for nomination and confirmation each year. The band offers stipends to our Musical Director, the Reverend John Thompson, our Assistant Musical Director and librarians. We are fortunate to have a band member, Roz Toase, who serves as our assistant conductor who most often conducts our Tuesday night rehearsals and of course, fills in when our Musical Director is unavailable.

The Christmas season is our busiest time of the year. In addition to a Christmas concert, pasty and pudding night, Christmas sale and Christmas bingo,  a volunteer, currently player Trudy Bowles, organises the difficult and time consuming job of mapping and negotiating with requesters, the two weeks of our long standing, traditional Carol tour
during the run-up to the Carols in the square on Christmas eve. We split up in two balanced halves and spend at least seven nights travelling around town and the surrounding area visiting homes, farms and a couple of businesses playing Christmas Carols.  We are truly grateful for the donations made to the band at these times.