Hartland Town Band

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Welcome to the Hartland Town Band

Band at the Hartland Quay

We are a community

band from Hartland,

Devon, UK



                                        HARTLAND TOWN BAND



26 FEBRUARY                     HARTLAND POINT                                                 11am

6 MARCH                              ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING                           8pm

23 MARCH                            EASTER BINGO

5 APRIL                                 SPRING CONCERT  at St Brannock's Church, Braunton at 7:30pm             


8 APRIL                                 SPRING CONCERT at Hartland Parish Hall              7.30pm


27 MAY                                  CLOVELLY VISITORS’ CENTRE                         12.30pm

2 JUNE                                   PLOUGHMAN’S AND PUDDING

17 JUNE                                 HARTLAND QUAY                                                 7pm

23 JUNE                                 CHAPEL FETE                                                          2pm

8 JULY                                   SEA SUNDAY – CLOVELLY                                11am

                    SEA SUNDAY – HARTLAND QUAY                     7pm

15 JULY                                 HARTLAND QUAY                                                 7pm

19 JULY                                 STOKE CONCERT WITH MVC                             7.30pm

28 JULY                                 GARDEN SHOW                                                      2pm

5 AUGUST                             CARNIVAL CONCERT                                           7.30pm

11 AUGUST                           HARTLAND CARNIVAL

16 SEPTEMBER                    NFU HARVEST FESTIVAL – MILKY WAY        7.30pm

14 OCTOBER                        RNLI CONCERT WITH MVC                                7.30pm

27 OCTOBER                        COFFEE MORNING

27 OCTOBER                        PASTY AND PUDDING

11 NOVEMBER                    REMEMBRANCE DAY       CLOVELLY              10.40am

                                                                                                HARTLAND             2pm

7 DECEMBER                       CHRISTMAS CONCERT                                         7.30pm

9 DECEMBER                       CHRISTMAS CONCERT                                         7.30pm

13 DECEMBER                     CHRISTMAS BINGO                              Open        6:30pm

                                                                                                                                                           Eyes Down        7:30pm


16 DECEMBER                     METHODIST CAROL SERVICE                            6pm

24 DECEMBER                     CAROLS IN THE TOWN SQUARE                        7.30pm