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In April, 2012, the Hartland Town Band published a book - Brass Roots: The Hartland Community in the eyes of its brass band.

The book is available at selected concerts from time to time. A revised, 2nd printing was received in May, 2016.  For postal purchase details,
email our Chairperson, Ann Pillman:  Ann.Pillman(at)btinternet.com





Hartland: A Special Place                                                                                                                                                  

            ‘History of The Hartland Town Band’ Compiled by Alan Roberts

            ‘How We Raise Funds’ By Ann Pillman


            Spring Concert, Concerts at Hartland Quay


Chapel Fete, Hartland Abbey, Sea Sunday,

A Special Week for Music,

‘One Week in Summer’ By Teresa Bennett

The Garden Show, Docton Mill, Carnival


‘The South West Brass Band Association’  By John Croker

Harvest Festival, Remembrance Sunday

Massed Bands Concert


The Christmas Concert

            ‘The Carol Tour’ By Trudy Bowles

Last Performance of the year

 Past, Present and Future                                                                                                                                                       

The Hartland Times
‘Down Memory Lane’ By Trudy Bowles and Sky McCain

The Hartland Town Band Today                                                         

‘Growth of the Town’ By Trudy Bowles

Hartland County Primary School’ By Rosalind Toase

‘Reflections as Musical Director’ By John Thompson

 ‘Gerald’s Story’  By Gerald Thorne

‘Musical Courage’ By Rosalind Toase

‘Community Service’ By Rev.Shirley Henderson



20 April, 2012


The first community Council was established in Oxfordshire by Grace Howden in 1920. Grace was active in the women’s suffrage movement and helped establish the W.I. network. She saw the formation of rural community councils as a way of addressing the social problems that arose in the countryside following the first world war. The concept slowly spread with Devon becoming a relative latecomer in 1961. Fifty years on the Community Council of Devon can look back on a creditable record of helping communities develop socially and economically; supporting parish councils, village halls, rural enterprises, social housing and environmental projects.

Hartland has frequently worked with the Community Council for the benefit of the community and it seemed appropriate that the town be asked to help celebrate our 50th anniversary. All the more so when  we discovered that we shared an anniversary year with the town band.

So ‘Brass Roots’ was born. It is a fine example of the complex interrelationships that form a community, how traditions are maintained, developed and passed on to succeeding generations. The Band is a constant as people come and go, it embodies the community and might claim to be its flagship. We are delighted to have been able to help the band members and other members of the community create a book that is an enjoyable read and a welcome addition to the records of life in the County.


Martin Rich

Community Projects Officer

Community Council of Devon